From oven to ice

Pizza and ice-cream making class

Italy=pizza; we, the Italians, have been born with the pizza; everybody love pizza, from 2 years old up to 100 years old. But the memorable pizza is not every day!

The dough must be tender, soft but not rubbery, thin but not too much, high but not too much; the border must be crunchy but not burned-out; the tomato sauce must be tasty but not too rich or sour; the mozzarella must be savoury but should not disguise other flavours…

Once learnt this, you can only improve and you’ll find out that the memorable pizza is the one you are eating right here, right now…and you did it!

And what is the best of the best after the memorable pizza? A memorable icecream! No mistaking that Italian gelato is a sweet taste of heaven. And there you go, you will learn that, too!