Carnival pastry making and mask painting

Frittelle are the most famous dolci or sweets of Venice Carnival. Like doughnuts or crullers, frittelle come in a variety of styles, both filled and unfilled. The very traditional “Veneziana” has no filling, but just raisins and pine nuts mixed into the fairly heavy dough. After frying, the frittelle are rolled in granulated sugar.

Frittelle are followed closely in popularity by galani: puff pastries made of eggs, flour, sugar and butter that are cut in stripes and fried in boiling oil. At the end of the cooking, when they are crispy, they are dried and covered with powdered sugar.

Frittelle and galani begin showing up in pastry shops, bakeries, and snack bars during the weeks leading up to Carnival. When Carnival is over, frittelle and galani disappear from the store windows almost as quickly as tourists in masks vanish from the Piazza San Marco.  So the rule is: always grab frittelle and galani when they are available or learn the recipe and cook them yourself!

BUT…Carnival is much more than that…Carnival in Venice is also masks: so why don’t you give it a try and paint your own mask after all this hard cooking and eating work?

A professional will explain how the mask is made and you will then paint your own mask choosing amond the different models available.

Classes will take place in a private Venetian apartment.